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Witschas, Sabine 
Cross-border mapping: geodata, geonames, multilinguality and more 
(2010) Lecture notes in geoinformation and cartography  
In: Gartner, G.; Ortag, F. (Eds.) : Cartography in Central and Eastern Europe. Selected papers of the 1st ICA Symposium on Cartography for Central and Eastern Europe. Berlin [u.a.] : Springer, 2010, (Lecture notes in geoinformation and cartography), S.163-180 
Witschas, Sabine 
Some Aspects of “Cross-border mapping” - Spatial Typology, Geodata and Geonames 
(2007) Paper; 40  
In: 4th InterGEO East - International Conference ""Recent Problems in Geodesy and Related Fields with International Importance"", Sofia, Bulgaria, February 28 - March 2, 2007. Proceedings. Sofia, 2007, (Paper; 40) 
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Witschas, Sabine 
Cross-border mapping - experiences with geodata and geonames 
In: XXII. International Cartographic Conference, A Coruna 2005. Mapping approaches into a changing world. A Coruna : The International Cartographic Association , 2005
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Witschas, Sabine 
Cross-border Mapping - Geodata and Geonames 
In: Borders in a new Europe. Association for Borderland Studies European Conference 2004, Graz, 15.-19.9.2004. Proceedings. Graz, 2004
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Anzahl der gefundenen Dokumente: 4
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