Publications (IOER)

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Jain, Manisha; Jehling, Mathias 
Analysing transport corridor policies: An integrative approach to spatial and social disparities in India 
In: Journal of Transport Geography 86 (2020) 102781, S. 1-10 

Jain, Manisha; Jehling, Mathias 
Urban cycle models revisited: insights for regional planning in India 
In: Cities 107 (2020) 102923, S.1-12 

Jain, Manisha; Korzhenevych, Artem 
Urbanisation as the rise of census towns in India: An outcome of traditional master planning? 
In: Cities 99 (2020) 102627 

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Jain, Manisha; Hecht, Robert 
Spatial assessment of commuting patterns in India’s national capital region 
In: Built Environment 45 (2019) 4, S. 507-522 

Jain, Manisha; Korzhenevych, Artem 
Counter-urbanization as the growth of small towns: Is the Capital Region of India prepared? 
In: Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie, Journal of Social and Economic Geography 110 (2019) 2, S. 156-172 (Online First 2018) 

Jain, Manisha; Korzhenevych, Artem 
Detection of urban system in India: Urban hierarchy revisited 
In: Landscape and Urban Planning 190 (2019) 103588, S. 1-10 

Jain, Manisha; Korzhenevych, Artem; Namperumal, Sridharan 
Determinants of growth in non-municipal areas of Delhi: rural–urban dichotomy revisited 
In: Journal of Housing and the Built Environment 34 (2019) 3, S. 715-734 (Online First 2019) 

Jain, Manisha; Korzhenevych, Artem; Pallagst, Karina M. 
Assessing growth management strategy: A case study of the largest rural-urban region in India 
In: Land Use Policy 81 (2019), S. 1-12 

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Jain, Manisha 
The effect of distance on urban transformation in the Capital Region, India 
In: International Planning Studies 23 (2018) 1, S. 37-50 (Online First 2017) 

Jain, Manisha 
Contemporary urbanization as unregulated growth in India: The story of census towns 
In: Cities 73 (2018), S. 117-127 (Online First 2017) 

Jain, Manisha; Korzhenevych, Artem; Hecht, Robert 
Determinants of commuting patterns in a rural-urban megaregion of India 
In: Transport Policy 68 (2018), S. 98-106 

Jain, Manisha; Sridharan, N.; Korzhenevych, Artem 
From informal to inclusive urbanization: options for funding the transformation in India 
In: Benna, Umar G.; Benna, Abubakar U. (Eds.) : Crowdfunding and sustainable urban development in emerging economies. Hershey, USA : IGI Global, 2018, S. 60-76 

Korzhenevych, Artem; Jain, Manisha 
Area- and gender-based commuting differentials in India’s largest urban-rural region 
In: Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 63 (2018), S. 733-746 

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Jain, Manisha; Knieling, Jörg 
Growth of census towns in capital region of India: informal urbanization as a symptom of counter-urbanization? 
In: Benna, Umar G.; Benna, Indo I. (Eds.) : Urbanization and its impact on socio-economic growth in developing regions. Hershey, USA : IGI Global, 2017, S. 23-43 (Copyright 2018) 

Jain, Manisha; Korzhenevych, Artem 
Spatial disparities, transport infrastructure and decentralization policy in the Delhi region 
In: Journal of Urban Planning and Development 143 (2017) 3 (Online First 2017) 

Jain, Manisha; Xie, Xiaoping 
The rise of informal urbanization in the Global South: A breach of urban planning or bridging of the urban infrastructure supply gap? 
In: Schmidt, Matthias; Follmann, Alexander; Poerting, Julia (Eds.) : Aktuelle Forschungsbeiträge zu Südasien. 7. Jahrestagung des AK Südasien, 27./28. Januar 2017, Augsburg, 2017, (Geographien Südasiens, Band 8), S. 38-41 

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Jain, Manisha 
Steering growth towards integrated regional development in rapidly growing Indian regions 
In: Schlitz, Nicolas; Poerting, Julia (Eds.) : Aktuelle Forschungsbeiträge zu Südasien. 6. Jahrestagung des AK Südasien, 22./23. Januar 2016, Osnabrück, 2016, (Geographien Südasiens, Band 5), S.21-24