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Online First
Koetter, Theo; Sikder, Sujit Kumar; Weiss, Dominik 
The cooperative urban land development model in Germany – An effective instrument to support affordable housing 
In: Land Use Policy 107 (Online First), S.105481 (Online First 2021) 

Meinel, Gotthard; Sikder, Sujit Kumar; Krüger, Tobias 
IOER Monitor: A Spatio-Temporal Research Data Infrastructure on Settlement and Open Space Development in Germany 
In: Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik (Online First) (Online First 2021) 

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Islam, Md. Tariqul; Charlesworth, Mark; Mohammad, Aurangojeb; Hemstock, Sarah; Sikder, Sujit Kumar; Hassan, Md. Shareful; Dev, Papon Kumar; Hossain, Md. Zakir  
Revisiting disaster preparedness in coastal communities since 1970s in Bangladesh with an emphasis on the case of tropical cyclone Amphan in May 2020 
In: International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 58 (2021) : 102175 

Nahiduzzaman, Kh Md; Holland, Mark; Sikder, Sujit Kumar; Shaw, Pamela; Hewage, Kasun; Sadiq; Rehan 
Urban Transformation Toward a Smart City: An E-Commerce–Induced Path-Dependent Analysis 
In: Journal of Urban Planning and Development 147 (2021) 1, S.1-11 

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Bensmann, Felix; Heling, Lars; Jünger, Stefan; Mucha, Loren; Acosta, Maribel; Goebel, Jan; Meinel, Gotthard; Sikder, Sujit Kumar; Sure-Vetter, York; Zapilko, Benjamin 
An infrastructure for spatial linking of survey data 
In: Data Science Journal 19 (2020) 1 (27), S. 1-18 

Bill, Ralf; Lorenzen-Zabel, Axel; Hinz, Matthias; Kalcher, Jasmin; Pfeiffer, Alexandra; Brosowski, Andre; Aberle, Henning; Hovenbitzer, Michael; Meinel, Gotthard; Sikder, Sujit Kumar; Herold, Hendrik 
OpenGeoEdu – a massive open online course on using open geodata 
In: ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences (2020), S.31-38 

Mukaddim, Syed; Hossain, Md. Zakir; Sikder, Sujit Kumar 
Urban environmental migrants 
In: Ley, Astrid; Rahman, Md Ashiq Ur; Fokdal, Josefine (eds.) : Housing and human settlements in a world of change. Bielefeld : transcript-Verlag, 2020, S. 165-187 

Sarker, Rumana Islam; Mailer, Markus; Sikder, Sujit Kumar 
Walking to a public transport station: Empirical evidence on willingness and acceptance in Munich, Germany 
In: Smart and Sustainable Built Environment 9 (2020) 1, S. 38-53 (Online First 2019) 

Sarker, Rumana Islam; Morshed, Golam; Sikder, Sujit Kumar; Sharmeen, Fariya 
Trends in active and sustainable mobility: experiences from emerging cycling territories of Dhaka and Innsbruck 
In: Verma, Pramit; Singh, Pardeep; Singh, Rishikesh; Raghubanshi, A.S. (eds.) : Urban ecology. Emerging patterns and social-ecological systems. Amsterdam; Kidlington; Cambridge : Elsevier, 2020, S.163-183 

Sikder, Sujit Kumar 
Transition to the New Normal: Lens on the Urban Spatial Data Science Agenda 
In: Journal of Urban Management 9 (2020) 4, S.396-397 

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Sikder, Sujit Kumar; Behnisch, Martin; Herold, Hendrik; Koetter, Theo 
Geospatial analysis of building structures in Megacity Dhaka: the use of spatial statistics for promoting data-driven decision-making 
In: Journal of Geovisualization and Spatial Analysis 3 (2019) 1, Art. 7, S. 1-14 

Sikder, Sujit Kumar; Herold, Hendrik; Meinel, Gotthard; Lorenzen-Zabel, Axel; Bill, Ralf 
Blessings of open data and technology: e-learning examples on land use monitoring and e-mobility 
In: Getzinger, Günter; Jahrbacher, Michaela (Eds.) : Conference Proceedings of the STS Conference Graz 2019. Critical Issues in Science, Technology, and Society Studies, 6-7 May 2019. Graz : Verlag der Technischen Universität Graz, 2019, S.402-414 

Sikder, Sujit Kumar; Nagarajan, Magesh; Herold, Hendrik; Meinel, Gotthard 
Quantitative assessment of public sector e-mobility infrastructure development: A spatial perspective in the case of Germany 
, 2019, S. 58-58
(21st European Colloquium on Theoretical and Quantitative Geography, 5-9 September 2019, Luxemburg) 

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Eichhorn, Daniel; Sikder, Sujit Kumar; Meinel, Gotthard 
Forecast of municipal housing demand: an introduction to the IOER-Online Program “Kommunale Wohnungsnachfrageprognose”and its adoption potential 
, 2018, S. 1-9
(N-AERUS XIX, Stuttgart, 8th–10thNovember 2018) 

Mukaddim, Syed; Hossain, Mohammad Zaber; Sikder, Sujit Kumar 
Urban environmental migrants: demands a unique category of human refugees to ensure their reight to land and resettlements 
, 2018, S. 1-16
(N-AERUS XIX, Stuttgart, 8th–10thNovember 2018) 

Sikder, Sujit Kumar; Herold, Hendrik; Meinel, Gotthard 
Halten Sie die Augen nach einer Ladestation offen! ? Die E-Ladestations-Infrastruktur in Deutschland: eine räumliche Analyse 
In: AGIT - Journal für Angewandte Geoinformatik (2018) 4, S. 218-227 

Sikder, Sujit Kumar; Herold, Hendrik; Meinel, Gotthard 
Infrastrukturplanung mit verkehrsbezogenen Flächennutzungsindikatoren 
In: Meinel, Gotthard; Schumacher, Ulrich; Behnisch, Martin; Krüger, Tobias (Hrsg.) : Flächennutzungsmonitoring X : Flächenpolitik – Flächenmanagement – Indikatoren. Berlin : Rhombos-Verlag, 2018, (IÖR-Schriften; 76), S. 261-269 

Sikder, Sujit Kumar; Nagarajan, Magesh; Kar, Shiba; Koetter, Theo 
A geospatial approach of downscaling urban energy consumption density in mega-city Dhaka, Bangladesh 
In: Urban Climate 26 (2018), S. 10-30